Yeon-ga-si (Deranged)

This was a really interesting movie, full of complex plot twists and unforeseeable events based on a cause and effect sequence that, from the beginning, you can trace till the end. It's not a typical Armageddon-style movie, it's more thought-provoking. The movie never ceases to surprise you and the end will leave you wondering: how did that even happen? or Damn that movie was awesome.

I don't intend to spoil the plot, because I personally don't understand the value of telling you what it's about when you may end up spoiled. This review is intended to be exploratory and analytical.

What would happen if you ended up seeing people just drowning, that they were eager to drown? Why would they do that? What's the purpose behind that? Who seeks to benefit from the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people? Why the sudden moment, what's so special about this time and this place for the killings?

These are questions that the director, Jeong-woo Park, hopes to achieve, and so he does tremendously. It's not uncommon that South Korean films use complex imagery and transitory editing schemes, often it would not be watchable for a devoted Hollywood movie-goer.

The story begins with the sudden emergence of floating bodies on the beach shore and at the same time we begin to establish strong relations with Jae-hyuk, a man strongly devoted to his family. He's worked in the medical sector and now seeks something in that field, but he begins to notice something really strange is happening around him. Somehow people are becoming thirsty and his wife and child are also becoming thirsty.

What kind of medical reasons would there be, when there is enough water around, for people to get thirsty? This isn't your typical Hollywood garbage where the reasons become so obvious in accordance with the first 10 seconds of the film, rather, we learn the reasons towards the ending and the entire time we're wondering what is going on.

This atypical structure often causes confusion because of the constant devotion paid towards Jae-Hyuk, others will be wondering: shouldn't there be another story in the meantime? Well, there is, it's just happening behind the scenes. We basically learn of the events that are unfolding around the same time as Jae-Hyuk does.

This is a very valuable strategy for an epidemic scenario like this, unlike in Armageddon. In Armageddon, the narrative was divided between everyone trying to prevent the asteroid from hitting the earth and the "heroic" Bruce Willis up in space trying to save humanity. I believe that Jeong-woo, the director, wasn't really interested in portraying someone who will save all of humankind: he was interested in how one man could save his family. This doesn't mean that Jae-Hyuk was shown as having only selfish interests, because you'll notice in a heart-felt sequence he gives up the one thing that could save his family, because he couldn't stand to see others suffering.

Deranged wasn't made to represent the interests of one man in the face of hundreds of thousands who are dying from the same problem, it was meant to show that one man, in his need to save his family, ends up saving everyone. This is at the heart of the differences between a movie like Armageddon and Deranged.

Give it a try, you'll see that this is an amazing movie and worth the watch! Below you can check out the exact details, enjoy!

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