The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)

This movie is nothing but a joke. In my entire life had I ever seen a movie that was total garbage, sure, I have! What I mean is that this movie conveyed actually no "moral" speculation of the crime, it was just intensely filmed.

Of course the acting was remarkable and the suspense tremendously entertaining, but the overall storyline was absolutely absurd. There were many scenarios that didn't make sense: for example, when Ryder's witnessed the death of his colleague, it didn't even occur to him that he was in the similar space and could equally be targeted next. What does he do? He stays in that same space.

Adapted from John Godey's novel, the film barely scratches the surface of the complex relationship that Garber and Ryder share. Notwithstanding the obvious dillemma, in Godey's book, we find greater understanding and even a like-mindedness between Ryder and Garber, to the point where it is extremely difficult for Garber to call it an end.

True, towards the ending of the film, we find that Garber is chasing after Ryder through the busy traffic as a kind of a foreseeable conclusion towards this relationship, but does it ever suffice? I don't think so, because Ryder is really insistent that he and Garber did whatever they did in the past for a good reason, that fate/destiny had brought them together to realize that they are not at all different.

In such a scenario, Godey wanted to blur the lines between the good and the bad, but did the film really portray that? In my opinion, it did not at all. We never really discover what the gain or the purpose of the heist, because it was cut so quickly between fast camera movements that we never really hear it out of Ryder, truly, what he really wanted. It was only cut and spliced through a dialogue between others, as to the interpretation of Ryder's actions (i.e. motives).

Anyway, I rate this movie as garbage, despite the high ratings it got on IMDB. The reason why, in my opinion, that this film got such a high rating is obvious: the filming was truly magnificient and intense. The fast editing, coupled with sudden stills made realized by the running timeframe for the money dropoff really illustrates the tremendous capacity this director had.

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