Source Code (2011) Review

Source Code (2011) is a powerful, exceptional revisitation towards the tradition of time travel. Filled with intricate details that seem very easy to miss, Jones brings a simplicity to the paradoxical aspect of time. Careful to avoid a loop that would compromise the entire plot (which I've experienced too often in such films), Jones helps us to conceptualize both the intricacies and the simple logic of time.

Desperate to save everyone, a soldier returns to the past in the body of a man in order to save the train from exploding. He essentially goes back again and again, each time learning something new. Each time he learns something new, we learn something new. It's important to Jones, I feel, that we learn of the sequence and puzzle the future in the same way as the soldier.

Loads of reviews have found the ending questionable, I found the ending quite suitable. It was, I admit, all too convenient in a way. Somehow I felt that this film was issuing a conspiratorial statement, of perhaps government corruption and strange government-soldier relations. I find that this film conveys powerful emotional qualities, although the ending seems too abrupt it is somehow necessary.Duncan Jones is on a killer streak, having been the genius who directed his previous film Moon.

I've noticed that Jones likes to reveal the unjustified nature of the time, the sequences force us to relate strongly and positively with the soldier. Like Moon, the soldier here seems self-sacrificing but also highly capable of acquiring his own rational realizations.

Although my reference to The Matrix is slightly premature, I feel that the soldier only towards the end realizes the true reality, a reality that even the viewer is clearly uncertain. Something remarkable happens towards the end, something to change the future but also the past. But what happens you may wonder?

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