Scars of Dracula (1970)

A young lothario, on the run from the law decides to evade capture by laying low in newer surroundings. His journey takes him to a remote mountain village. Unfortunately for him the villagers don't take kindly to strangers and he ends up being booted out of a tavern and into the cold dead of night. Always the opportunist he finds a horse and carriage in the forest and decides to take a nap in it. When he wakes up he finds himself at the gates of a spooky and mighty castle. Whose owner is none other than a certain Count Dracula! Immediately the gracious host decides to offer his famous or should that be infamous hospitality to his newly arrived guest!

Having watched The Scars of Dracula many, many years ago all I remembered about it was that it starred Dennis Waterman, famous for The Sweeney and Minder. Also look out for Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor from the classic sci-fi series. He plays Klove, a hirsute servant of the Lord of the Undead. Unlike other incarnations of Dracula's trusted minion, here Klove displays acts of compassion as well as violence.

For a Hammer production it's surprisingly gory, villagers are attacked by rubber bats and loads of ketchup is spilled! Unintentionally funny, just check out Sir Christopher Lee leering viciously over Jenny Hanley! Who can blame him? And as in all Hammer productions the Count suffers a spectacular end!

Scars of Dracula (1970) Trailer:

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