Jason Statham in Safe (2012) Review

So I just finished watching Safe (2012). It was pretty good, pretty exciting, but unfortunately not really worth the effort. The story seemed to go back and forth, between the total corruption of the police force and the evident moral ethics of a killer. It's quite often that these action films juxtapose the righteousness of a vengeful brutal monster like Wright in relation to the merciless enemy.

What is the reason for this comparison? Directors like Boaz Yakin of Safe (2012), we're finding traditional expressions of justice, a vengeful style. These movies seem to tell me that you cannot really accomplish much without returning the same level of discretion. This is clear: violence begets more violence, the greater the violence, the greater the retaliation.

As the perfect killing machine on the edge of suicide, Wright finds his will to live doing what he does best: killing. Think about it, killing brings you to life. Supposedly, he is the only one with a moral conscience, but he insists that the girl has saved him, not of suicide, but of rediscovering his purpose: to kill.

Not the best, but definitely one to watch. Check out Safe (2012)

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