Parker (2013) Review

As many of you already noticed by now, a combination with Jennifer Lopez and Statham would eventually have a romantic, if not a questionable plot. Based loosely on the novel Flashfire by Donald E. Westlake, Parker (2013) exhibits complex sequencing, indicative of a high budget film!

Cinematography is certainly advanced, conscious decisions in editing are so pristine and powerful. The director, Taylor Hackford works a miracle situating both Lopez and Statham in a powerful unison. Statham plays a convincing role, seasoned from the Transporter series bridging an almost legendary, if not ridiculous, state that Steven Seagal's action films of the early 1990s. Although Statham could keep his accent, in Flashfire there wasn't any mention of an accent. I think that the audience has grown to like Statham with his accent, honestly, I don't think he could get rid of it if he tried!

Typical in Statham's films, revenge plays a tremendous motivation. The fighting and action sequences are faithful to Flashfire. I felt as though Hackford was struggling to contain the furiosity of Statham's character, because we're looking for the sequences that we loved in Transporter 2. Although the sequences seem obviously coming, the editing is marvelously done to prevent that at ever turn. Hackford is trying to maintain the uncertainty in Flashfire.

For me, this wasn't particularly enlightening and typical of a hollywood flash film. Its effect is minimal and teaches us nothing to contemplate about. The ending is abrupt and the sequences end so swiftly, it's designed for a non-contemplative audience who just want what they paid for--momentary action and little thoughtfulness.

I don't really care for Jennifer Lopez, she's not even worth mentioning.

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