Frozen Ground (2013) Review

In Frozen Ground (2013), Nicolas Cage and John Cusack portrayed a great deal of awe unlike any other thriller motion picture ever before! Shot amidst the freezing streets of Anchorage in Alaska, this movie presented the dignified capture of an Alaskan serial killer with the uncanny assistance of a prostitute.

Alaskan trooper Jack Halcombe (played by Nicolas Cage) begins the pursuit of tracking down the deadly Robert Hansen (played by John Cusack) amidst the blemished urban hotspots of Anchorage and the chilly wilderness that bears prevalence to the rest of Alaska with little to no leads or evidence at his dispense. In the meantime, city dweller Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens) who makes a living dancing in strip clubs and by means of prostitution is abducted by Hansen for killing but escapes from his wrath, Halcombe finally receives his breakthrough for gathering essential nuances of information and proof that could help lead him to this murderer.

Known to have been a regular rapist and killer of young women for over a decade, Halcombe realizes the prime importance of nabbing Hansen under the authority of the law. To him, Cindy is one of the most crucial sources of information in order to help him solve Hansen’s puzzling mystery and determine his whereabouts, but she seems way less than dedicated to assist the law enforcement officer out.

Having been constantly under the influence of drugs and poor ethics, Halcombe also now needs to calmly keep reassuring Cindy to remain at his heels as required. What follows next is an astounding series of actual events that uncover Robert Hansen’s shallow secrets of assault and slaughter.

Although the plot sounds familiarly stereotypical to most other thriller movies, story writer and director Scott Walker enables the creative visualization to nonetheless feel amazing enough by paradoxically being well, not that creative and neat after all! That’s right, as Frozen Ground (2013) is based on a true story, each and every shot and dialogue that has been executed by the entire cast involved in the film are depicted exactly how they occurred, period.

While this high level of explicitness does seem overwhelming at certain points of the film, it is just as eye-opening to the true manners in which crimes are executed and how authoritative personnel genuinely investigate the same during their daily routines, unlike how all of it is usually portrayed in TV documentaries or episode shows.

From the off-tracked ladies who pay homage to the sex industry to the trickery of camouflaged multiple personas in a father of two who otherwise was a baker by profession, Frozen Ground (2013) strives to show the harsh realities that pertain to our world from a raw an unbiased perspective. If you’re a lady and you’re watching this movie, the assault and murder scenes of women that are depicted in this film are spine-tingling enough to make us realize as to just how crucial a stringent level of protection is for each and every one of us.

With an open mind and a strong heart, this movie is a must watch for all adults both young and old alike. See you at the big screen!

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Special Guest Review from Lana Joseph

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