Characteristics of Filmmaking

Since the early days, movies followed 2 major styles: Realistic & Formalistic

During the mid 1890s in France, the Lumiere brothers created short films dealing with everyday occurrences (e.g. waiting for a train to arrive at the stations and boarding it).

George Melies created fantasy films, he is regarded as the founder of the formalist tradition

Producer – Provides and oversees budget and makes sure everything is organized efficiently

Director and Screenwriter – have most influence on a film



Spectator – we are conditioned to viewing films a certain way

Time and Space – Directors can spend more time on one thing than another (to emphasis clarity)

With spoken language, Directors could easily express any kind of thought

Point of View (POV)

Allegory – total avoidance of realism and probability
Allusion – implied reference (e.g. Scarface was modeled after Al Capone)

In cinema, reference to another movie, director, or shot is called Homage.

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