Issue #3 - The Film Art Issue

The new year began with a great discovery: art dreamers. Having always dreamt of being an artist, drawing on a daily basis, I joined art dreamers and there I met some of the coolest people ever. Art Dreamers is a Facebook group home to approximately 175,000 members and most of them are artists or art enthusiasts like me. The group is maintained by Veri Apriyatno, an Indonesian visual artist. Although I sought his involvement for this issue, I believe that he may have been too busy; however, the fanpage was the start of something unique for IndieJudge.

Connecting with these artists, I got an impression that an art competition was necessary, to situate themselves against one another was not really the goal, but it has always been to bring them together into one volume. Having solicited about 80 artists in my call for submissions, I managed to get 35 highly adept and ingeniously talented young artists each with their own style, technique, and purpose.

Although this is a competition, none of these artists have lost. The opportunity for them to be in this issue, to be distributed and to declare themselves as published is already a great boost for their art careers. In addition, I designed this as a way for artists to connect with each other, to collaborate and to envision future prospects together.

Take your time to browse, to see what talent there is around the world. There’s something beautiful in each of them, their expression is so clear and their personality can almost be read from their amazing art pieces. Thank you for looking ahead!

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