As long as you seek an alternative, independent films will always be there. With an ever growing audience, the lively attention and perspective independent films exude will continue to even more enthusiasm. There’s more to movies than meets the eye, and that’s the kind of challenge that you can expect from an independent film. Naturally, there are some big blockbuster sensations that are also quite deep, but they don’t really express a sincerity that you’ll find in indie movies.

Indie films can be entertaining, devastating, insane, and even funny, you can expect the entire array of fun and satisfaction you would experience in Hollywood films. The difference is that it’s just not promoted in the same way.

We are majorly intrigued by all genres of films. From science-fiction to brisk realism, drama, horror, thrillers (especially psychological), and destructive revenge-style plots. Hollywood films and Indie films don’t necessarily have to be compared and contrasted, they both have a dif- ferent purpose and are driven by various motives, it’s not always about the box office success!

Movies are made with a purpose, a significance and a trailing argument always prevails throughout. It’s not enough to simply watch a movie from beginning to end, movies are much more intricate than you may think. Keeping an eye out for your favorite actor is one thing, but learning about their roles can mean everything about their own motives. In a way, every film is some kind of psychological or societal foreshadowing, or experimenta- tion, about the nature and behavior of humans.

Watch the movie, and I mean really watch them. You’ll know exactly what I mean.

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